- Span Herres -

Span Herres is not just about fashion; it is a living story that we create together. Our journey began in the enchanting Venlo, a city that has provided us with profound insights, insights that form the core of our collections. These collections are infused with soothing colors and designed for ultimate comfort and self-expression.

At Span Herres we go beyond fleeting trends. We embrace your individuality and inner balance, because we believe that true style is a personal expression of who you really are. Our subtly meaningful logo symbolizes the power of clear boundaries and the irresistible beauty of balance.

Every choice you make, every combination you create, tells part of your unique story. Span Herres encourages you to write your own chapters, discover your own personal style and express yourself fully.

Span Herres is not just a brand; it's a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, where your style is the canvas and you are the artist. So, at Span Herres, "Span Herres" doesn't just mean "look over there" – it also means, "Look at yourself, discover your own style and write your own story!"

Also discover our great Home & Living items, including a wide range of accessories such as shopping bags, coffee mugs and much more.


    Style, quality and comfort for every occasion.


    Unique collections with craftsmanship at their core.


    We deliver in 5 to 8 business days

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