Our story

Welcome to Span Herres: Where Style Tells a Story

At Span Herres, everything revolves around the meaning behind our name. Our journey started in scenic Venlo, and this city has provided us with deep insights that form the essence of our brand. Span Herres goes beyond just fashion; it represents a deeper concept.

At Span Herres we look beyond superficial trends and fads. We embrace your individuality and inner balance because we believe that true style is a personal expression of who you are deep inside. Our logo carries a subtle but powerful meaning; it symbolizes the power of clear boundaries and the irresistible beauty of balance.

As far as our clothing and accessories are concerned, they show a huge hint of Span Herres. Each creation is infused with the essence of our brand, designed to not only match your personal style, but also to embody the deeper meaning of self-expression and balance.

Every choice you make, every combination you create with our clothing and accessories, tells part of your unique story. Span Herres encourages you to write your own chapters, discover your own personal style and express yourself fully.

At Span Herres, our name is not just a label; it represents a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, where your style is the canvas and you are the artist. So, at Span Herres, “Span Herres” doesn't just mean “look over there” – it also means, “Look inside, discover the deeper meaning of yourself and write your own story!


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